Caucasus | Georgia | 2013 

First Ski Descents on Mkinvartsveri (5054 m) and Chatyn-Tau (4412 m)

Chatyn-Tau (4412 m) - the 1st Ski Descent of the SE Couloir. 

Chatyn-Tau is a 4412 m high mountain in Svaneti, Georgian Caucasus. Three summits give it a distinctive, impressive shape. Still, the peak stands in the shadow of its famous neighbor, Ushba (4710 m). Still, Chatyn-Tau hold some of the best steep-skiing lines in the Caucasus. One of the is the large Southeast-Couloir of the West Summit (4310 m), clearly visible from Mestia.
In 2010 I visited Svaneti for the first time. My attention lay on the 5000 m summits such as Shhkara. Still, the SE couloir on Chatyn-Tau, well visible from Mestia, inevitably drew my attention.

In May 2013 Canadian steep skier Trevor Hunt and I arrived in Svaneti. We had just done the first ski descent of Mkinvartsveri`s NE face and looked for new challenges in wild Svaneti. It did not take long until we hiked up the Chaaladi glacier to the base of Chatyn-Tau. The couloir looked now scary from the bottom. 1800 m vertical, wild bergschrunds and crevassed at the bottom, seriously steep and exposed at the top...[>>more]


Peter Schön is a photographer based in Trondheim/Norway & Tbilisi/Georgia. His passion for photography started in the mountains, during several first ski descents of 5000-6000 m peak in the Andes, Pamir, Tien Shan and South Caucasus. Later, he ventured into documentary photography, with several portfolios about refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) in the South Caucasus.
Peter currently pursues a Ph.D. in Urban form, mobility and CO2 emissions at NTNU Trondheim, and also works as certified ACMG Ski Guide and CAA Level 3 avalanche technician.