Peter Schön

Ski Alpinist, Ski Guide, Photographer


I am a photographer based in Trondheim/Norway & Tbilisi/Georgia. His passion for photography started in the mountains, during several first ski descents of 5000-6000 m peak in the Andes, Pamir, Tien Shan and South Caucasus. 
Later, I ventured into documentary photography, with several portfolios about refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) in the South Caucasus. I have published in several renowned photography, alpinism and skiing magazines, and won four Black & White Magazine Merit Awards.
I currently pursue a Ph.D. in urban form, mobility and CO2 emissions at NTNU Trondheim, and also work as certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) Ski Guide and CAA Level 3 avalanche technician. (>>


I use a mix of analog and digital cameras. The main cameras used for the majority of my photography were a Contax T3 and Sigma DP2, for recent work I also used a 1st gen Leica Monochrom and Contax T. I am currently an ambassador for Voigtländer lenses, which I pair with the Monochrom. 


1st descents (selection):

- Pik Pobeda East (6762 m) NE ridge, Tian Shan (>> AAJ article)
- Lap Nazar (5990 m), Pamir (>> AAJ Article
- Chatyn-Tau (4310 m), South SE couloir and W face (>> Mountain Life)
- Skhhara* (5193 m) south pillar (partial), Caucasus.
- Janga Tau* (5058 m) south face, Caucasus.
- Ortveri (4365 m) north face, Caucasus. 
- Mkinvartsveri* (Kazbek, 5054 m), Caucasus
    - SE face direct
    - NE face 
    - E face 

*First person to ski all 5000 m peaks of Georgia