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Peter Schön - Ski Alpinist & Photographer  

- Caucasus, Tian Shan & Arctic Norway -
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Caucasus Diary

My Caucasus Diary...since 2005 I regularly travel to the South Caucasus. Several times during these journeys I have travelled to the wild and remote regions of Svaneti (Georgia) and the 5000 m summits of the Caucasus Mountains. I always stay with friends in Mestia, the Khergiani’s, a family of famous Georgian alpinists, where we are hosted with greatest Georgian hospitality. Here, in their house, I always find memories of new friendships, of climbing partners that have passed, relationships that moved on and of long evenings with friends over wine and food. And every trip here leads to another trip to come, full of new adventures, encounters, friendships and memories.

(Published as Leica Fotografie International Photo Story)

Zurab - Tusheti

In February of 2014 my Georgian college Giorgi and I were in Tusheti, a remote part of the Georgian Caucasus mountains, to start setting up an avalanche and winter safety program in the area , but also to document the life of the few inhabitants that stay there over the winter. Our host was Zurab, a typical Georgian – hospitable as a host can be, always concerned about our well-being in the cold winter mountain environment, and with a charmingly rough character...and smoking too much. This moment shown here was typical during our stay. While I write down my notes and observations from the day out in the field, Zurab prepares hot water for tea, coffee and food in his simple kitchen, while watching TV (powered by solar) or just watching the time go by, and having his smoke. .

Leica Fotografie International X2 Mastershot and Photo Story

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